CFO Services

Our premium Chief Financial Officer service is our most valuable package. Think of having a CFO as having a strategic partner. Your success is our success. We can:

  • Benchmark your books and financial statements against industry standards so that you’ll know where all your business strengths and weaknesses are.

  • Find ways you can better manage your working capital so that you get increased returns on your cash which means less worrying about wasted costs.

  • Build your rolling business budget so you can control expenses which means a higher and healthier profit.

  • See how specific decisions like taking on a loan, buying equipment, or hiring new employees will affect your profitability which means less uncertainty about the future.

  • Create a forecast to show how much cash you’ll need in the future so you’ll be more prepared to handle shortages or surpluses of cash.
  • Help you apply for and understand financing from lenders so that you don’t get thrown off by confusing bank jargon and possibly get stuck with conditions that hurt your business.

Your first period of recurring bookkeeping services will include FREE CFO benchmarking.