Listed below are introductory prices. Consider these a starting point with finalized pricing determined after a consultation to fully understand your situation and needs.



  • Classify all financial transactions
  • Review and reconcile bank and credit accounts
  • Deliver all financial statements

CFO Services

  • Includes all Bookkeeping Services
  • Benchmark financials to industry to find growth opportunites
  • Prepare Budgets and forecasts



  • For standard W2 filers with no business activity and Standard Deduction
  • Also includes filing Schedule D for gains and losses on investments

Sole Proprietor Business

  • Includes standard individual return items
  • Schedule C preparation for sole proprietor businesses

Multi Owner Business

  • Partnerships and S corporation returns
  • K-1’s for all partners or shareholders


Sole Proprietor Business

  • Quarterly Tax Estimations: Provide accurate quarterly tax estimations, helping you avoid underpayment penalties and maintain cash flow while meeting your tax obligations throughout the year.
  • Comprehensive Tax Strategy: Develop a tailored tax strategy that optimizes your financial situation, considering your income sources, deductions, and credits, with a focus on minimizing tax liabilities.
  • Proactive Advisory: Offer proactive advice on financial decisions, investment opportunities, and tax-efficient strategies to help you achieve long-term financial goals while minimizing tax burdens.
  • Ongoing Planning: Continuously monitor your financial situation and changing tax laws to adjust your strategy as needed, ensuring you’re always up to date with the latest tax-saving opportunities.

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